Karka Kasatarak Karpavai Katrapin           So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain
Nirka Adharkuth Thaka.                               Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain.

Anna University Engineering Materials for all Semester

                                  Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus                 

1.    MG6851 Principles of Management

2.    AE6601 Finite Element Methods

3.    AE6602 Vibrations and Elements of Aeroelasticity

4.    AE6603 Composite Materials and Structures

5.    AE6604 Aircraft Materials and Processes

6.    AE6001 Theory of Elasticity

6.    AE6002 Aircraft General Engineering and Maintenance Practices

6.    AE6003 Space Mechanics

6.    AE6004 Heat Transfer