Karka Kasatarak Karpavai Katrapin           So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain
Nirka Adharkuth Thaka.                               Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain.

Anna University Engineering Materials for all Semester

                                  Information Technology Syllabus                 

1.    IT6801 Service Oriented Architecture

2.    IT6007 Free and Open Source Software

2.    IT6008 Network Programming and Management

2.    GE6075 Professional Ethics in Engineering

2.    CS6503 Theory of Computation

2.    IT6009 Web Engineering

3.    BM6005 Bio Informatics

3.    CS6004 Cyber Forensics

3.    CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications

3.    CS6010 Social Network Analysis

3.    IT6010 Business Intelligence

4.    IT6011 Knowledge Management

4.    IT6012 TCP IP Design and Implementation

4.    CS6008 Human Computer Interaction

4.    IT6013 Software Quality Assurance

4.    MG6088 Software Project Management

5.    IT6811 Project Work