Karka Kasatarak Karpavai Katrapin           So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain
Nirka Adharkuth Thaka.                               Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain.

Anna University Engineering Materials for all Semester

                                  Mechanical Engineering Syllabus                 

1.    ME6701 Power Plant Engineering

2.    ME6702 Mechatronics

3.    ME6703 Computer Integrated Manufacturing

4.    GE6757 Total Quality Management

5.    ME6005 Process Planning and Cost Estimation

5.    ME6006 Design of Jigs Fixtures and Press Tools

5.    ME6007 Composite Materials and Mechanics)

5.    ME6008 Welding Technology

5.    ME6009 Energy Conservation and Management

6.    ME6010 Robotics

6.    GE6081 Fundamentals of Nanoscience

6.    ME6011 Thermal Turbo Machines

6.    ME6012 Maintenance Engineering

6.    EE6007 Micro Electro Mechanical Systems