Karka Kasatarak Karpavai Katrapin           So learn that you may full and faultless learning gain
Nirka Adharkuth Thaka.                               Then in obedience meet to lessons learnt remain.

Anna University Engineering Materials for all Semester

                                  Mechanical Engineering Syllabus                 

1.    MG6863 Engineering Economics

2.    IE6605 Production Planning and Control

2.    MG6071 Entrepreneurship Development

2.    ME6013 Design of Pressure Vessels and Piping

2.    ME6014 Computational Fluid Dynamics

2.    ME6015 Operations Research

3.    ME6016 Advanced I.C. Engines

3.    ME6017 Design of Heat Exchangers

3.    ME6018 Additive Manufacturing

3.    ME6019 Non Destructive Testing and Materials

3.    ME6020 Vibration and Noise Control

4.    ME6811 Project Work